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Executive Director
Rochester Oasis

Rochester Oasis is changing the face of aging

There are abundant reasons to go back to school. We can learn a new skill, broaden our knowledgebase or add to our resumés.

Research shows that participation in ongoing learning opportunities may help you live longer and better. It is part of a broader approach called “active aging.” The World Health Organization defines this as “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age.” Does that sound familiar?

Rochester Oasis

While technically not a “school,” Rochester Oasis provides opportunities for lifelong learning and healthy living in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

We don’t see aging as a number, but as a time of opportunity for continued growth. The shared sense of community through new and renewed friendships can add to the quality of the experience as well.

At Rochester Oasis there is room for it all. Last year, we continued many of the exercise and wellness classes such as NIA (Non-Impact Aerobics), Yoga, Tai Chi and Senior Spunk that have become an important part of our overall health programming.

We are learning to “Break Up with Sugar” and “Age Well with Buff Bones.” And of course, we are expanding our lifelong learning offerings with new and exciting history, arts and humanities classes.

This coming year, we will continue to learn and grow as we broaden our horizons in an effort to reach out to even more people who are inspired to age actively with Rochester Oasis!

Strong Mind, Agile Body

It’s hard to sit still watching the Oasis Tappers! The dedicated troupe has been a popular opportunity at Rochester Oasis for more than 20 years, with dancers ranging in age from 62 to 101. Many acquire their skills by taking classes at Oasis, and some, like Tapper Marion Fahy, have been dancing for a lifetime.

“It’s been the biggest part of my life. I love it. I can’t give it up,” Marion says.

Buff Bones for a Better Life

Nancy Alexander

“I’m working to make my later years be my best, and I love inspiring others to do the same,” says fitness instructor Nancy Alexander.

Nancy’s Buff Bones® class at Rochester Oasis helps older adults achieve better mobility through Pilates, strength training and balance exercises. “We need to keep physically active to have a better life,” she says.

Learning a New Language

Rochester German Class

Learning a new language is a great brain exercise at any age. Older adults have the chance to brush up their skills in Spanish, French and German classes that are among the most popular lifelong learning offerings at Rochester Oasis.

“The lessons are a perfect balance between learning grammar and highlighting culture,” says Connie Barrett.

Rochester Oasis 2018 Annual Report

Rochester Oasis 2018 Annual Report

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