Changing the Face of Aging
Paul Weiss, President

Paul Weiss, PhD 
The Oasis Institute

“Do you mind if I ask your age?”

It’s a question that reveals one of the most misunderstood aspects of our self-presentation to others: the arbitrary number that reveals when we arrived on the planet. Some embrace it with gusto and enthusiasm, others with wisdom and introspection, but an alarming majority of us often assign shame, self-doubt and dread about chronological age.

Growing older is universally shared. Being authentic and emotionally unburdened about the number that represents our age, while embracing in full measure the opportunities we have before us, is liberating and can affect real change for ourselves and the communities in which we live.

How different might things be if we agree to make a radical shift in the way we describe people? What if instead of labels that reflect how long we’ve been around—older adult, senior, elderwe choose to lead with language that captures what we’re doing now and what we want to do in the futurevolunteer, artist, enthusiast, activist,  friend and mentor?

This is what I love about Oasis and the powerful work we do nationwide to celebrate and encourage adults who are learning, growing and changing the narrative about getting older. We’ve been changing the face of aging for over 35 years, and I hope when Oasis is 70 we will look at what we’ve accomplished, be proud of the wisdom we’ve earned and maintain a humble optimism about what we’re going to learn and accomplish as an organization in the years ahead. I’m proud of this journey, and so thankful for the people who support Oasis and the older adults who share it with us.

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